A post a day keeps the … perfectionist monster away?

In my first post, I revealed that I am a perfectionist, and I like to put things on hold until I know I can make them perfect.

This is a Bad. Habit.

My plan for my super-awesome-amazing second post was to do a tutorial for my family’s banana bread recipe, which is legendary around these parts. I have, all planned out in my head, stunning food photography, beautiful shots of my raw ingredients, clever and witty tidbits tucked into the instructions… well, here we are. No banana bread. Because, as it turns out, I’m not perfect!

Now, this is not a “Mom Blog”, but the fact is, I am a mom. I might occasionally sneak in anecdotes about my children because, let’s face it, they are adorable. But yesterday, I wound up in the doctor’s office with my 16-month little adventurer. He tried to climb up a ladder on the playground at school and fell down, getting a huge cut on his eyelid. I have to celebrate with you a little bit, because I actually made a great decision as a mom yesterday. Instead of taking my little man to the ER, I took him to his pediatrician, and we got out of the office in 30 minutes, with a little bit of glue painted on his cut! It’s the small victories, guys. Sometimes I question my decisions as a mother (scratch that, I always question my decisions as a mother), but it is amazing to think at the end of the day, “Today, I did something right”.

I want to be able to tell myself that every day.

So, because I am trying to get this blog up and running, I wanted to post something, just to make sure I didn’t post nothing, for fear of it not being perfect.

I’ll tell you about my delicious banana bread very soon, complete with lovely pictures. For now, I am drinking one of my favorite Trader Joe’s teas (the Ginger Pear White Tea), and listening to my children starting to wake up in their beds (mumbling about getting up to “pet the doggies”).

It’s going to be a good day.


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